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Not sure why, but when I got to the airport this morning I was so fucking horny!  After waiting through security, I still had about an hour before my flight started boarding, so headed to the bathroom to “relieve some tension.”  I locked the stall door, logged into SuperMen on my phone, and started browsing. 

Thankfully, it didn’t take me long to find JacobJamesx.  This smooth, muscled Latino was just what I needed this morning.  I entered his public chat and found JacobJamesx sitting in front of the camera wearing nothing but a pair of blue briefs.  With the phone in one hand and my cock in the other, I quickly began chatting with JacobJamesx.  Knowing that I had a limited amount of time, I chose to expedite our conversation and skip right to sex.  I mean I was still holding my cock!  JacobJamesx didn’t seem to mind, though, and as the conversation became more heated, the bulge in his briefs began to grow.  That was all I indication I needed to take JacobJamesx private.

Knowing that we had to be quick, JacobJamesx began rubbing his growing member through the fabric of his briefs.  As the outline of his cock became more visible, a precum pooled near the head of thick, uncut cock.  Reaching beneath the waistband of his briefs, JacobJamesx pulled his cock from their confinement and started stroking.  With his briefs still tucked below his balls, JacobJamesx wasted no time pleasuring himself.  Using a combination of spit and lube and precum, we both jerked ourselves off with vigor.  My balls tightening with each stroke as I watched his do the same.  We were at the edge and I wanted to fall!

Within moments, JacobJamesx let his load fly, drenching his muscled abdomen in his white, sticky man-milk.  Cum still dripping from his cock as he said goodbye…


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