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It had been a long ass day at work, and I when I got home I needed to blow off some steam.  I tried some porn first, but it just wasn’t cutting it… I needed some interaction!  So, I logged into SuperMen and started searching.  Within minutes, I found AmeronCollx.

When I entered his public chat, AmeronCollx was just kind of relaxing on the couch.  He smooth, muscled chest on full display as he sat shirtless in front of the camera.  Quickly we began to chat and it became quite evident that AmeronCollx needed to blow off some steam too!  How could I possibly resist after know that?  I took AmeronCollx private almost immediately.

Once we had the room to ourselves, AmeronCollx quickly got down to business.  As he stood from his seat on the couch, AmeronCollx began to slowly sway his hips to the music he had playing.  His body rolled with the rhythm of the song as his hands slid across his muscled torso.  Gently he tugged at each of his nipples before working his way further down his body.  Rather than stopping at his shorts, AmeronCollx simply pushed them from his hips and let them fall to the floor.  Now completely naked, his cock lay flaccid atop his massive balls.  AmeronCollx pulled gently at his foreskin, eliciting a response almost immediately.  His cock grew steadily as one of his hands tugged at his foreskin and the other gently pulled at his nipple.  Now fully erect, AmeronCollx no longer simply tugged at his foreskin; his hand slid up-and-down along the full length of his thick meat.  Precum began to flow steadily with each stroke of his hand and soon it provided the perfect lubricant for his already steady hand.  Using his precum as lube, AmeronCollx’s stroking intensified and soon he was thrusting his cock into both fists with abandon.  His balls swung less and less with each push forward, though.  Quickly he was approaching orgasm.

Without slowing, AmeronCollx buried his cock into his fists until he could no longer.  Cum blasted from his cock, covering his caramel-colored skin in its milky goodness.


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