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I’d been traveling all day and when I finally got to the hotel I just wanted to blow a load and get to bed.  Quickest way to that was to log into SuperMen, so that’s precisely what I did.

After a little bit of browsing, I found MackTatsBis.  He was a big, tattooed muscle man and I was definitely feeling it.  I entered his public chat and definitely wasn’t disappointed!  There he was shirtless, his tattooed torso on full display.  It was a GOOD first impression.  After taking a moment to simply admire him, MackTatsBis and I began to chat.  He was definitely a “bro,” but that kind of turned me on even more!  And the more we talked the more turned on I was getting… I needed more.  I decided to take MackTatsBis private.

MackTatsBis took full control once we went private.  He started by just talking dirty, but that quickly escalated as we continued.  He wanted to ensure that I knew who was in control, and I liked it.  Yes, sir, no, sir.  Whatever he wanted I gave in order to see more.  After submitting, MackTatsBis began to reward me by removing his clothing.  First he removed his shorts, but then came his trunks.  Now naked, MackTatsBis wanted me to describe how I’d take care of him.

“I would start by licking my way down your muscled body until I reached your thick cock, sir.  Slowly, I would take you into my mouth till my nose is pressed into your hips.  Your dick throbbing as it filled my throat, sir.”

“That’s a good answer, my dirty little bitch.”

With each appropriate response, MackTatsBis would stroke his cock.  As our narrative became more and more intense as did his stroking.  Soon MackTatsBis was pounding fiendishly at his cock.

“As I begged you to fuck me harder, my cock would erupt with cum.  Squeezing your cock tight till you shot your load deep inside of me, sir.”

And with that, MackTatsBis finally did bust his load.  Unfortunately, not in me, but the narrative provided quite the image for us both!


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