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I woke up this past Sunday feeling a little “under the weather,” if you know what I mean.  I needed two things:  some greasy food and to shoot my load!  The first was easy; the second would require some work.  I signed into and started browsing.  With a little bit of luck, I found Patrick_Bond.

When I entered his public chat, unfortunately Patrick_Bond was still wearing a LOT of clothing.  Regardless of that, we started chatting and I was being rather flirtatious.  I was horny!  The more we chatted, though, the more clothing Patrick_Bond began to take off.  He started by taking off his shirt in order to show me his tattoo, a mandala centered on his smooth chest.  This of course just made me want more, which meant I had to take him private, so that’s what I did.

Once we went private, Patrick_Bond started getting even more comfortable.  Starting by untying the waistband of his shorts, he pushed them past his knees and let them fall to the floor.  Now sitting in nothing but his black trunks, Patrick_Bond slowly began to tug at his bulge.  Quickly his cock grew beneath the thin fabric, a puddle of precum forming near the tip.  Having had enough “foreplay,” Patrick_Bond pulled his thick, uncut cock from beneath his underwear and began slowly stroking himself.  With his trunks tucked under his voluminous balls, Patrick_Bond slid his hand up-and-down along the full length of his shaft.  Precum poured from the head as his hand slid faster and faster with each stroke.  Soon his hand became but a blur as he pounded his cock with abandon.  His once massive balls tightened as his orgasm grew near.

With a primal growl, Patrick_Bond let his load fly!  Cum drenched his torso as the creamy liquid continued to pour from his cock.  Relaxing into the couch, Patrick_Bond let go of his now softening cock, cum still dripping as he ended the show.


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