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I’d just gotten back from the gym and had definitely blown off some steam, but now I just needed to blow a load!  Without hesitation, I logged into SuperMen and started browsing.  Thankfully, I found maxskull93 rather quickly and immediately entered his public chat.

He was already shirtless, when I entered his public chat, and I was definitely impressed.  This boy was hot!  After taking a moment to just admire maxskull93, the two of us began to chat.  Besides just being insanely gorgeous, maxskull93 was fun and witty; he was definitely a catch.  We continued chatting for a while, but I needed to get off!  I decided to take a leap of faith and take maxskull93 private.

With the room now to ourselves, maxskull93 stood from his chair and began flexing.  “You like this?” maxskull93 asked.  Of course I did; I couldn’t take my eyes away!  As he continued flexing, his hands began exploring the curves of his muscled body, eventually reaching the waistband of his jeans.  Quickly he unbuttoned them and let them fall to the floor, revealing a pair of skimpy black briefs below.  There was only one bulge I was focused on and I had to have it!  Unfortunately, I would not be so lucky just yet.  maxskull93 resumed his poses, being sure to flex each of his well-worked muscles before addressing his most important muscle:  his cock.  Gripping hold of his cock through the fabric of his briefs, it took mere moments before he was rock hard.  Pushing his briefs to the floor, maxskull93 caught his dick as it bounced off his abdomen.  With his meat in hand, maxskull93 slowly began to jerk himself off.  Using a combination of spit and precum, his hand slid effortlessly along his flesh.  His stroking intensified and soon his balls swung wildly as he pounded away at his meat.  Furiously he tugged at his meat until he could last no longer.

His balls pulled tight and with a moan of intense pleasure, maxskull93 let forth a torrent of cum.  Stream after stream of his man-milk flew through the air before splattering against his tattooed upper body.  That sight alone was enough for me to blow my load!


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