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I’d logged into SuperMen the other night not really looking for anything in specific.  I was just kind of browsing, when I found monsterdick26xx.  And with a name like my monsterdick26xx, how could I resist?

When I entered his public chat, I found monsterdick26xx resting against the headboard of his bed wearing nothing but a pair of briefs and a baseball cap.  Definitely not a bad first impression!  We began chatting and things heated up pretty quickly; I mean he WAS basically naked already.  As we were discussing our sexual tastes, monsterdick26xx had mentioned how he enjoys playing with toys from time to time and that was the final straw.  I took monsterdick26xx private right then and there.

Obviously I wanted to see his toys, so I tried to steer the private chat in that direction.  monsterdick26xx quickly caught on and with a laugh reached into the bedside table.  Pulling out a tube of lube and a thick dildo, monsterdick26xx began prepping his hole.  Gently he applied the lube to his hole with his hand, slipping one and then two fingers easily into his ass.  He was ready for more, though.  Applying lube to his dildo, monsterdick26xx relaxed into the bed as he began sliding the toy deep into his ass.  With a gasp, his hold gave way and the toy slipped into his hole.  Allowing his hole to acclimate to the girth of his toy, monsterdick26xx pulled at his huge cock.  Now acclimated to the toy, monsterdick26xx began to pull the toy in and out of his ass, matching the pace of his stroking.  Quickly the pace of both intensified, though, and he was pounding away at both his cock and ass!  If his moans were an indication of anything, monsterdick26xx was not going to last long at this pace.  Within mere minutes, monsterdick26xx was blasting his load into the air with the toy buried deep in his ass. 

So, which will you be more interested in:  the cock or the ass?  They’re both SO good!


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