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I had been up most of the night studying for an exam in the morning, so when I finally got back home there were only two things I wanted to do:  get off and get to bed!  I was going to try getting some sleep first, but my dick wasn’t going to let that happen, so I logged into SuperMen.com and started browsing.  As soon as I logged in I saw him and knew that RihardHot would be the one to get me off.

When I entered the public chat, RihardHot was already shirtless in front of the camera.  The white sheet was draped over his legs made it impossible to just how unclothed he really was, but I was intrigued.  As we began to chat, my eyes continued to wander across his smooth, muscled body, admiring each of his rippling muscles.  I wanted to see more, though, and I knew there was only one way that was going to happen.  I took RihardHot private.

The moment we were alone, RihardHot stood from his seat.  The white sheet fell to the floor and provided me with my first glimpse of RihardHot’s naked body.  His flaccid, uncut cock, which rested softly atop a pair of low hanging balls, was already thick and juicy.  It begged for attention and RihardHot did not wait long to oblige.  Tugging at his foreskin quickly caused a response; RihardHot was rock hard!  His thick, cock pulsated as he slowly began to slide his hand across the delicate flesh.  With each stroke his hand quickened until he was furiously pulling at his meat.  Precum poured from his cock as he pounded away, his balls swinging less and less with each passing second.  As RihardHot continued to mercilessly stroke his cock, his moaning became louder and louder. 

As the pleasure finally overtook him, RihardHot shot a massive load that drenched him in his own creamy man-milk.  That was more than enough for me to get off and then get to bed!  Thank you, RihardHot.


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