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When I woke up yesterday, my cock was ROCK hard!  There was no way I was getting anything done unless I took care of it, so I had no choice.  I opened up my laptop, went to, and started browsing for someone to help.  It didn’t take long for me to settle on MosesJX.

I found him sprawled out on the bed, when I entered his public chat.  His smooth, tattooed chest on full display as he lay there in his jeans.  It was definitely a good first impression, or at least my cock thought so… I may have been leaking precum already.  I started flirting with MosesJX a little, but things escalated quickly.  I mean I was hard and precumming already!  We started talking about what turns us both on and how we like to fuck; we were definitely feeling each other.  Having had enough of PG-13, I decided to take MosesJX private so that we could get to some XXX action.

Just as our conversation had escalated quickly, so did the show when we went private!  MosesJX pushed his jeans from his waist almost immediately, choosing to leave his trunks on though.  Pulling at his ever-growing bulge his hard cock soon became visible beneath the thin white fabric.  He grabbed his meat from beneath his trunks and pulled it free from their constraint.  Without removing them completely, MosesJX started stroking his cock.  His balls held his trunks down as he pleasured himself until he too was leaking.  As he pushed his underwear off with one hand, he encircled the head of his cock with his other.  The clear precum glistening off the pink flesh of his cock as he continued playing.  Whilst the liquid continued to flow steadily from his cock, MosesJX swiped some up with hand and delivered it to his open mouth.  Sucking his own precum off of his finger was almost enough to make me cum right there!  Thankfully I did not, though, as the show continued to get steamier.  Using his now spit and precum soaked finger, he gently began to toy with his willing hole.  Working it slowly inside he gasped with pleasure.  Adjusting to the anal intrusion, MosesJX added another and then a third as he resumed tugging at his cock. 

I don’t know if it was the ass play or the furious stroking of his cock that sent him over the edge, but the load that MosesJX shot sooner after was MASSIVE!  This twink was covered in cum and he just licked it up… one finger full at a time.  Yummy!


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