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It had been an exhausting few days, so when I finally got home last night all I just needed to relax for a little.  And what better way is there to relax than with jerking off!

I logged onto and started browsing through the guys that were available.  After some searching, I found calvinalphasex.  There was something intriguing about his profile, so I decided to check out his public chat.  When I entered, I was immediately distracted by the massive bulge in calvinalphasex’s red trunks!  I definitely made the right decision…

Without even saying hello, I took calvinalphasex private.  From there things quickly heated up!  calvinalphasex stood from the bed and began pulling at his cock through the fabric of his trunks.  That was not enough for calvinalphasex, though; reaching beneath the waistband of his underwear he took hold of his now semi-erect cock.  Whilst pushing his trunks to the floor, calvinalphasex never once let go of his monstrous 9-inch cock.  He continued pulling at the thick flesh, gradually building speed.  With each stroke, his balls swung wildly.  Soon precum began to coat the silky flesh of his cock, allowing his hand to slide more freely along the shaft.  One hand was not going to be enough for calvinalphasex to get off, though.  Taking hold of his member with both hands, calvinalphasex began to thrust his hips forward.  Mercilessly calvinalphasex pounded his cock through his fists until his once low-hanging balls drew close against his body.  He was on the edge!

Without slowing, calvinalphasex fucked his fists until cum erupted forth from his cock!  The creamy, white fluid flew through the air as stream after stream of cum was pumped from his balls.  As cum continued to drip from his softening cock, calvinalphasex bid farewell and I started cleaning up my own mess.


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