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It had been a whirlwind of a weekend, so when I finally got home I needed to blow off some “steam.”  Naturally that meant logging into SuperMen and finding someone to help.  After a bit of searching, I found Mordegar_Black.

I checked out his profile first and decided to give this young, hung, straight boy a shot.  When I entered his public chat, Mordegar_Black was sitting in front of the camera shirtless just kind of relaxing.  We quickly began to chat, just cordially at first, but as the conversation progressed we started discussing more immediate concerns.  This, of course, caused by eyes to drift and then settle upon the growing bulge in his plaid trunks.  As the thin fabric began to outline his massive member, I made the decision to take Mordegar_Black private.

Mordegar_Black and I continued to chat in private, but clothing became a little less necessary.  Hooking his thumbs beneath the waistband of his trunks, Mordegar_Black pulled them from his waist and let them fall to the floor.  His rock-hard cock sprung free from the confinement of his trunks and bounced off of Mordegar_Black abdomen.  After spitting into his hand, Mordegar_Black wasted little time before taking hold of his massive meat.  Slowly he worked his cock with spit-soaked hand till it slid effortlessly along his engorged flesh.  As his pace increased, Mordegar_Black began to moan in pleasure and precum began to flow.  The clear liquid provided just enough lubrication for Mordegar_Black to really start pounding away at his cock.  His balls soon drew close as his hand blurred along his shaft; he was getting close!

Within moments, Mordegar_Black screamed with pleasure as stream after stream of cum flew through the air.  The creamy man-milk splattered his smooth torso as Mordegar_Black continued to writhe in pleasure till the very end.


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