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Physical labor always seems to get me going, so when I came in from doing some work outside this morning my cock just would NOT go down!  There was no ignoring it, so I hopped onto and started browsing.

Shortly after beginning my search, I found ArisSimmons85 and decided to check him out.  I entered his public chat and found ArisSimmons85 lounging in bed.  He’d already stripped down to just his skivvies, so I had plenty to take in.  His shaved chest and bulging briefs only made my cock leak more as I watched ArisSimmons85 run his hands over his body.  There was no time for chit-chat; I needed to get off and he was going to help me!  Without uttering a single word, I took ArisSimmons85 private.

The moment we went private, ArisSimmons85 and I began chatting.  Granted it went from “Hello, sir,” to “Fuck me,” within mere moments, but it was more than we talked in public.  It was clear that we both needed some relief, though.  ArisSimmons85 started playing with his thick, uncut cock through the thin fabric of his briefs as we continued talking dirty.  Within seconds he was hard and precum had already began to leak through his briefs.  Reaching beneath the waistband of them, ArisSimmons85 took hold of his cock and started playing.  Pushing his briefs under his balls, he slowly circled his finger along the tip of his cock; his body shivering as he spread his precum across the engorged head of his cock.  Now slick with precum, ArisSimmons85 began to slide his hand up-and-down the entirety of his meat.  Slowly his stroking hastened and before he was hammering his cock with ferocity.  As he shifted to his knees, ArisSimmons85 took hold of that big, uncut dick with two hands and began thrusting his hips forward.  His balls swung wildly as ArisSimmons85 fucked his cock through his fists, but that did not last long.  With each thrust his balls drew closer and orgasm became more and more imminent. 

With on final thrust of his hips, ArisSimmons85 blasted his cum through the air, drenching the bed with his load.  As he pulled the last few drops of cum from his softening cock, ArisSimmons85 ended the show and I started to clean up my own mess.


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