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I was in the midst of flying home from a work trip, when I learned that my connection had been delayed.  Now stuck at the airport with nothing to do, I decided to check out what was happening on SuperMen.  I headed to the restroom, locked the stall behind me and signed onto the site.

Within moments of logging in I found SsTaffFire.  He had this “straight boy” kind of look and it was definitely turning me on.  I wanted more, though; so, I decided to check out his public chat.  I found SsTaffFire shirtless in front of the camera, the perfect first impression.  We started chatting, which of course led to me starting to flirt, and eventually we found ourselves discussing sex.  Well, it wasn’t long after that that I noticed SsTaffFire was playing with himself through his shorts.  That was the deciding factor; I took him private.

After going private, SsTaffFire didn’t just play with himself through his shorts.  He immediately stood from his chair, hooked his thumbs beneath the waistband of his underwear and pushed his bottoms to the floor.  His cock bounced as his clothing hit the floor, a stream of precum already falling from his engorged head.  SsTaffFire returned to his seat and quickly took hold of his leaking dick.  Using a combination of precum and spit, he slid his hand effortlessly along his flesh.  As his stroking hastened, his cum-filled balls bounced with each pull of his hands.  I soon found myself matching his pace with one hand whilst holding the phone with my other.  Quickly I was approaching orgasm and based on the diminished size of SsTaffFire’s balls, it was clear that he was as well!

It was not long after that SsTaffFire began drenching himself in his creamy man-milk.  From neck to navel, SsTaffFire was covered in cum… and I loved it!


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