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I got home from work last night and immediately logged into SuperMen.  It had been a fucking stressful day and I needed to get off… NOW! 

With a little bit of luck, I quickly found TheNaughty1.  When I got to his public chat, he was still fully clothed on the couch.  Not what I wanted to see, but I was going to make it work.  We started chatting and with a little bit of persuasion I was able to get his shirt off.  His smooth, caramel-colored skin provided for the first glimpse of TheNaughty1’s unclothed body.  With a little more persuasion, I was able to get him out of his jeans as well, but that was where my luck ended.  Unfortunately, I was already hooked on TheNaughty1, so I took him private.

The room was now ours, and TheNaughty1 wasted little time starting the show.  Standing from the couch, TheNaughty1 began to slowly move his hips to the music he had playing.  As his hips swayed to the rhythm, his hands slid gently across his flesh before finding their way to his trunks.  Pushing gently at the waistband of his underwear, TheNaughty1 teased me with mere glimpse of his cock and ass before letting his trunks fall to the floor.  With that I got my first full look at TheNaughty1.  Atop a pair of low-hanging balls lay his flaccid, uncut cock and it was screaming for attention.  Gently he tugged at his meat, pulling his foreskin with motion of his hand.  I watched in delight as his cock grew.  His tugging quickly shifted to stroking and he was now on a mission!  TheNaughty1 pounded away at his meat; his low-hanging balls swinging furiously as his hand moved along his dick.  Pre-cum soon poured from his dick as his balls drew closer to his body with each pull of his hand. 

Without ever slowing his stroke, TheNaughty1 stroked for me until he no longer could.  An explosion of cum came flying from his swollen cock, drenching him in the creamy liquid.  With cum still falling from his spent cock, TheNaughty1 fell to couch.


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