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These last couple of days I’ve been hanging around a young stud’s room. Let’s say I’ve decided to play hard to get this time, or maybe I’m on a hunt and just need to play with my prey first.  t’s been a while since I last had a good role play and I kind of miss it. Ethan Joy! It didn’t take me long to find him and he really charmed me right from the start. But I said to myself not to rush from the beginning. There is something hypnotizing about him. It can be the eyes - he has beautiful blue eyes - or maybe his wide smile that fills up his entire room. Indeed, this young man is absolutely gorgeous and when he smiles, it’s impossible not to stop and admire him first!
When I entered his room, Ethan Joy was simply enjoying a nice conversation with someone else. The atmosphere was pretty chill. His smooth, muscled torso was on full display and it was a sight to look at. I could really lick those pink nipples of his. Ethan notice me from the beginning, he let me get accustomed and then he sends me a very happy smile. I took indeed a moment to admire his body! Ethan Joy is almost perfect! And he has a very beautiful tattoo on his left thigh.
After taking my moment, I began chatting with him. We started with just some small talk, and slowly I got to know him better. He isn’t one of those models that rushes everything. He invites you into his world and lets you discover him and then shifts the conversation shifted towards sex. Between his perfectly, muscled body, the sex talk, and my desire to discover him more, it didn’t take me long to take him to private.
Once we had the room, Ethan Joy stood from the couch and began flexing for me. His muscles bulged as he shifted from one pose to the next, but his package from his shorts got my eyes. It was a delight to see him lower them and to my surprise, something unexpected happened. As he finished his final pose, he slowly pushed his shorts, eventually letting them simply fall to the ground.
Now completely naked, I was surprised to see that he is circumcised. Oh! The joy! The joy!  His cock was already hard and there was now needing to tug on more of his foreskin! Sliding his hand along the full length of his cock, Ethan wasted no time getting into a rhythm. He was a sight to look at as he stood in the middle of the room, fucking himself and moaning with pleasure. He hammered his cock with such pressure that made me want to see his cum spread all over the room. Ethan was quickly approaching orgasm and so was I! With a few more strokes, Ethan released his cum and so did I.  

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