Cameraboys - MightyDongXXL

by NickYoung
Please Check Out MightyDongXXL Gino, is one of the SEXIEST men I have yet had the pleasure of meeting on Cameraboys. His name MightDong does not lie. One of the THICKEST JUICIEST cocks I have seen yet. He was very open to my questions and has a great body to and gorgeous smile which made our chat just really amazing. Treat him like gold boys! This man is one who I can tell I will be spending a lot of time with. Click on his images or on his status indicator below to get to his page!!
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Cameraboys - GreekHunks

by NickYoung
I was cruising around on Cameraboys last night looking for a sexy duo to review.  To my great fortune I came across GreekHunks.  Matt and Chris.  Two very lovely gentlemen with killer smiles and sparkling eyes.  They were both so affectionate and responded to all my requests with gusto.  I asked them to kiss and that quickly led to their temperatures rising.  Once they were heated up my cock was rising and by this time Chris was sucking Matt's huge uncut schlong.  YUMMY!!!  This boy Chris gave Matt such great head that within minutes he exploded in orgasm all over Chris face as I simultaneously came on my stomach and torso.  Cum dripping down my abs.  While Matt wiped up his cum off Chris' face with his cock feeding the man juice into Chris' hungry mouths.  This was truly one SUPER HOT SHOW.. 
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Cameraboys - 1BlueIceMan

by NickYoung
So I am on Cameraboys last night and I come across this super cute boy.  1BlueIceMale So I started the private show and and I see one of the cutest cherub faces smiling back at me standing in a shower; with such an innocence and sweetness you cannot imagine.  Suddenly I see this spark in his eye when I turn on the cam to cam we can see each other.  Within moments he had his huge uncut cock out and was stoking it just for me.  This boy sweet and so shy yet devilish at the same time.  We used up all my minutes and I do confess I bought more but what the hell.  This guy was soo worth it.. Gaby is 20 years old from Romania with a pierced tounge would love to feel that on the head of my cock while he is blowing me.  The best part is his sexy little bubble but, can you guys imagine me sliding my big hard cock deep into that little hole?  mmmm I sure can...

Gaby is with me guys I saw him first, but you are lucky I like to share. 

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WebCam Model - ZeusLover

by NickYoung
I told you I was addicted to this site. YES, I just purchased more minutes. And I am so glad I did. Zeus has such a luscious cock it was well worth it. I think you will find he puts on a quiet a good show. I just loved watching him blow that hot juice all over for me.. I am getting wood just thinking about him as I type this. I could suck on that long thick uncut cock for hours!
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CameraBoys - HardFastFurios

by NickYoung
I just spent some time chatting with HFF but I didn't ask his name, doh! I cant be blamed though, he is so hot how could I think about names?? I will do that first off from now on though, well I will try anyways. I liked this boy he was very eager to show off in fact as soon as we started a private he was completely nude and hard YUMMY! He has quite a nice cock. And doon't for get to ask him to wink that hole, but be gentle about it.
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