Camera Boy - HornyRado

by Nick Young
If you have a thing for early John Cusak with nice muscle-tone then you'll easily get a crush on CameraBoys Hornyrado. I thought he might be a little boring until I got a look at his big cock! What a sweetheart! A little bit of a Bel Ami model look, he's so soft and fair skinned and his eyes are so captivating I just want to watch him look at that gorgeous cock and jerk it all day! What do you like about Hornyrado?


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Camera Boy AbsoluteBody

by NickYoung
I think Absolute Vodka and AbsoluteBody should get together and do an ad called Absolute HOT COCK! I am in love and I don’t mean with a martini! Shake me, stir me pour me over ice when I’m done because I am too hot from all that AbsoluteBody action! Though I don’t always like to share, he’s another piece of Bi jack-candy to tell the girlfriends about. It’s a holiday! Spend your day off getting off with AbsoluteBody. He’ll probably have a golden holiday tan by Monday.
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Camera Boy - Luky

by NickYoung
What a sweet twink! Treat this one like the sweetie that he is! His eyes are captivating and he's so adventurous and care free and it's infectious! Have him play with his toys, which he can do for hours or just have him stroke that sweet cock! Luky would be a fun date for sure! Maybe I should book a flight and enjoy a hot latin fuck. Make sure and say hi for me!


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Camera Boy - Alxxx

by NickYoung
Ignoring the less than clear picture we have, Alexx is actually great!  He's such a sweet guy with a hot Latin cock and I had so much fun playing with him.  Fresh young and 21, and he's Bi in case your girl friends wants to play too (but we're pretty sure he likes the boys best *wink*).  He loves cam to cam action and coming together...HOT! Be sure to ask him about his toy and say hi for me!
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Camera Boy - Alesandro

by NickYoung
alesandro_camera.jpgHellooooo Alesandro! Hungry for hot Italian tonight? It's like watching a hot Gucchi add that keeps moving and likes to fuck! Get your kink ready because he likes it a little freaky. He's a pleaser with a great smile and an adorable ass. I wonder if this Italian Stallion speaks French? Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Right NOW?! Click on his images or on his status indicator below to get to his page!!
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