CameraBoy CuteGuy77

by Nick Young


After my initial "Oh he's Cuuute" and I stayed on line to see who I was checking out, I was impressed by the amount of guys on his chat who kept saying how much they loved chatting with him.  Hot AND a sweet personality?!  I had to know more, so I sat back for a few minutes and watched the chat.   Someone eventually asked him to show his cock and when he stood up in his underwear and grabbed ahold of that thick juicy cock with a big round head, I just HAD to get him alone!

He's not into toys but he definitely knows how to make some noise and baby there is nothing sexier than a man that isn't afraid to show you how much he is enjoying himself.  He makes me smile just looking at him and he got me so hot I don't think I have the choice NOT to go back from more.  That thick cock is just calling my name and I've run out of popsicles just thinking about it.  Go get some!

Check Out CameraBoys!

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CameraBoys: The Cherry On Your Labor Day Weekend

by Nick Young

LIVE Hot Guys Ready To Sex Chat

Now I certainly don't consider anything less than a labor of love that I created for my fans and readers...but today is a holiday...Labor Day to be exact, so I have decided to labor a little bit less and instead, let someone else tell you what's hot and what's not.

If your sun burnt and BBQ'ed out for the day, I say grab a bottle of aloe and visit  Not sure who to chat with?  Well, the users that have been there first will tell you what they like in the nifty little box just below.  Surf through, find one you like and enjoy a little self lovin', rest and hot relaxation before you head back to work.  If nothing else, you'll have that lovely glow on your face the whole next day that says "I had a great vacation"XOXO  Nick



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CameraBoy - Raffael74

by Nick Young

I swear if this boy isn't a Porn Star he should be! What a body! At first I thought it might be Rafael Alencar and even though he isn't, I certainly wasn't disappointed!

He's built like a stallion and all I could think about the whole time was riding him as far as possible, but upon reflection, I would mind it if he rode me everywhere! I highly recommend that you ask him to bring out the oil. The combo with that tan is just scrumptious! As much as I like being waited on hand and foot, I think I would get more pleasure out of rubbing him down from head to toe! Oh Rafael you are wreaking havoc in my dreams!


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Camera Boy AndrewSX

by Nick Young


I just could not get enough of this hot Latino Bad Boy! I don't always want conversation.  Sometimes I just need them to be young and hot chiseled, and that exactly what you get with AndrewSX.

Hot bone structure and an uncut cock.  What more does a fantasy need?  Well I guess those soft dreamy brown eyes certainly don't hurt.  Something about that tattoo on his neck really turns me on.  I just want to trace it with my tongue and work my way down through those abs so I can suck on that gorgeous uncut Latino cock.

Just get cozy, log onto CameraBoys and let AndrewSX make your day...and tell him I sent you!  Enjoy

Nick OX

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Camera Boys : User Reviews!

by Nick Young

LIVE Hot Guys Ready To Sex Chat Right Now!

Got some good quality alone time planned with You should make the time! My favorite new toy is the user review iFrame that updates constantly to tell you who's on-line and what people are saying. It helps me find the hottest new boys available so I can let you know what's hot and tasty!

Let the guys who have already taken them for a test drive help you pick the right on-line rendezvous for the night. Chances are, they will steer you in the right direction. Check out the iFrame below to see who's HOT and online NOW!




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