CameraBoy Gremlin4u

by Cock Fight

I wasn't sure what I was looking for, deciding to spend Saturday in at the last minute, so I was surfing through all the delectable choices at CameraBoys when I came across the name Gremlin4u. I love goofy boys with big dicks so I thought I would check him out. Oh how do I adore this guy and this picture does not do him justice!

The first thing I saw was his naked body, laying out on his bed, wiggling his adorably furry butt back and fourth with a soft dildo hanging out of his mouth. BINGO! JUST the kind of fun I was looking for tonight! This guy was such a Cutie! A mischievous grin and an adventurous spirit that kept me hard all night!

For a little interactive time with a real guy you didn't have to schmooze at the bar, you can't go wrong with this Gremlin!

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Camera Boy - Deputes

by Cock Fight


There are few things in this world sexier than a man who is truly self confident. The bonus to this guy is that he's smokin' hot already! Though he's a little shy and doesn't like to show his face, there is plenty to see and enjoy beyond his face.  

Get your webcam ready because he likes to watch you too and the participation is so hot it's infectious. I was immediately comfortable thanks to this handsome Adonis with a butt that just won't quit!  I just want to grab it with my teeth and "grrrr" like a chew toy.

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Cam Model - Sexplossion

by Cock Fight

Truly Twink-a-licious! Oh Golly am I happy that I stumbled upon this gem! Not only is he a popular guy (but not so popular that he can't make time for you) but he's into it all!  

Water Sports, CHECK!, RimmingSuckingFucking, CHECK!, Feet, CHECK!, Fisting, CHECK!, Me, CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!  Whatever you're into, Jurgen is so ready for you and you'll have a blast!  Now if I can just find a man like this a little closer to me...I'd be in great shape!  Until then...Oh Sexplossioooon?!!  GIMMIE!

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Camera Boy - MuscleDelight

by Cock Fight

I saw his picture out of the corner of my eye and his jawline just screams Jason from True Blood so I just HAD to take a look and see how close he was.  He's no dead ringer but he's a classic guy that's for sure.  No frills, just a gorgeous body and a cock that won't quit.  

Ramon makes me think of that construction worker that you just want to have your way with in the back of his pick-up.  Sweaty, salty and ready to shoot his load all over you!  Just need a hot guy and his undivided attention?  Look no further my sexy friends.  Ohhh Ramon, let's do it again!

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Camera Boy JasminDream

by Cock Fight

Okay so Nick usually visit the Camera Boys but today I thought I would give em a whirl and I came across this HOTTIE!  

My dream is right!  Not to big, not too small...anywhere and what a sweetheart!  I just like watching him shake his hot ass and flex those biceps but once the curtain is drawn the show is hot hot HOT! 

My current fantasy...floating down the Riviera on a boat with this guy feeding me grapes and fucking me senseless!  If JasminDream is on-line, don't miss out on this juicy dreamsicle!

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