Camera Boy AndrewSX

by Nick Young


I just could not get enough of this hot Latino Bad Boy! I don't always want conversation.  Sometimes I just need them to be young and hot chiseled, and that exactly what you get with AndrewSX.

Hot bone structure and an uncut cock.  What more does a fantasy need?  Well I guess those soft dreamy brown eyes certainly don't hurt.  Something about that tattoo on his neck really turns me on.  I just want to trace it with my tongue and work my way down through those abs so I can suck on that gorgeous uncut Latino cock.

Just get cozy, log onto CameraBoys and let AndrewSX make your day...and tell him I sent you!  Enjoy

Nick OX

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Camera Boys : User Reviews!

by Nick Young

LIVE Hot Guys Ready To Sex Chat Right Now!

Got some good quality alone time planned with You should make the time! My favorite new toy is the user review iFrame that updates constantly to tell you who's on-line and what people are saying. It helps me find the hottest new boys available so I can let you know what's hot and tasty!

Let the guys who have already taken them for a test drive help you pick the right on-line rendezvous for the night. Chances are, they will steer you in the right direction. Check out the iFrame below to see who's HOT and online NOW!




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Camera Boy - Handsome86

by Nick Young

Charming!  This one and I had a really nice time together.  Sometimes guys like to be treated like a piece of meat and I enjoy that but sometimes you want a little variety and I have to say that if you just want to flirt with a sexy, nice guy, Marko is the guy for you. 

An ounce of respect goes a long way so be sure to ask him how his day was and he'll open right up to you.  Be good to Marko and Marko will be good to you.  First thing's first, once we were cozy, I had him run his fingers over those pecs.  That tight little body is just the right size and his tight little hole was enticing to say the least!  My tongue could spend hours getting to know Marco inside and out. 

Go see Marko but remember to treat him like Aretha told you...with a little respect.  Enjoy!

XO Nick

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Camera Boy - 00MagicMuscles

by Nick Young

hotlatinbadboy_webcam_model.jpg Oh how I do love a good Magic show and muscle too?!  I've got the golden ticket!  Before I even opened the chat I just stared at those washboard abs in awe and I wasn't disappointed when I logged on!  Shirtless and ready for action, we had a great time.

He likes to smoke and take it off (and shouldn't every magic show have a little smoke?)  When I finally got him to pull that rabbit out of his hat it was thick and juicy and I just couldn't wait another minute to watch him play with it!  I think I'm going to have to find this guy because he's Porn Star material and I want show that gorgeous hole it's Magic destiny as a warm, wet home for my cock!  What are you waiting for?  Go see the show and tell him I sent you!

XO Nick



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Cam Model HotLatinBadBoy

by Nick Young
hotlatinbadboy_webcam_model.jpg The name pretty much says it all...but I'll say it a little more!  I had such a fun time with this guy! Cristian is a hot Latino with a great big Chorizo and he knows just how to play with it and it drives me crazy!!! 

I think this bad boy needs more than a good spanking and I'm just the guy to give him the big dick whipping he deserves!  I would just pound that bottom into submission while holding on to that incredible chest he's got!

He was up for anything I asked for which is always a turn on and he likes to get dirty so check him out, grab your toys if that's your thing and go have a hot evening with big, bad, dirty Cristian!

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