Camera Boy - SexyJustin

by Nick Young
sexyjustin_cameraboy.jpgSexy is right, Justin where have you been all my life? I have to ask this guy the next time I visit that sexy piece of ass if he's a Porn Star that I just missed because if he isn't, he should be!!

He's right up BelAmi's alley and OH the fantasies I will be having about this Adonis tonight. His Trojan Horse is nothing to scoff at not to mention the suprise inside! Blonde is usually not my favorite but this guy might make me change my mind. He's eager to please and such a sweetheart.

Have him rub some oil over those abs and and go crazy! Go get a taste of this Cock Star baby!

Is Justin Not online? Check one of these guys out! The Users at CameraBoys sure love em'!

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Cameraboy User Reviews

by NickYoung
Hey Guys, You ALL know how much we love CAMERABOYS, myself in particular, well I wanted to give you some other opinions too. This really cool Feature lets you see what other Cameraboy Users have thought of the models shows!!!!! Fucking Fierce!!! So don't just take my word for it listen to what real users have to say! Enjoy....

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Johnny Gunn Today on CameraBoys!

by Cock Fight
johnnygunn.jpgHot House Exclusive Johnny Gunn gets LIVE April 24th!

I can't imagine that ANYONE has anything better to do tomorrow than run to your nearest computer between 2pm and 4pm (Pacific Standard Time) and log on to CameraBoys to check out Johnny Gunn's first live webcam show!  I know I'll be there drooling and muscling in line for a private show with this guy!  I love all these Porn Stars that have been getting webcams lately and going to town!  It brings us just one step closer to our favorite hot guys and what could be better than personalized porn I ask you?!

Just hop on over to CameraBoys, search for johnnygunn, grab your lube (and your toys if you likeWinkand have a blast with a Hot House Exclusive!

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Camera Boy - MenHot

by Nick Young
menhot_cameraboy.jpgThis one doesn't speak much english but he does now how to please me! I haven't visited him for a little while but he popped into my head in a dream this weekend so I thought I should share. 

This boy makes me think classic. Classic looks and yet that bit of edge that makes a good boy bad. This boy is sooo cute and so sweet I just wanted to bring him home and make him my littl puppy. I bet his fans would not like that then again they might just like watching him be my little slave boy. This could be fun.

I hope you all enjoy Jhonatan as much as I did. Which was a lot for a very short time. Treat him like gold boys! This man is one who I can tell I will be spending a lot of time with. Click on his images or on his status indicator below to get to his page!!

Maybe Jhonathan and I can get together and do a duo show for our fans. Swordfight anyone?

Tell me what you think of this sweetheart!
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