Camera Boy: MuscleBear4U

by Nick Young
CameraBoy Randy 20 Young
CameraBoy Review MuscleBear4U
What a Teddy Bear! I loved that hot picture of him with the chain as soon as I saw it and decided to pop in for a chat with Daniel.

What a diamond in the rough! Not only is he nice too look at but what a personality! He's charming and sexy all at the same time and he likes it rough so be ready for it! His Cock is massive and I would definitely bottom for this guy. I like to be manhandled sometimes and I think Daniel would be perfect!

Heads up! If you have a camera he has a foot fetish and watching him get excited about looking at my feet was way hotter than I expected and FUN! The perfect mix of tough and tender, I really recommend Daniel to anybody. I dare you not to be charmed.
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Cam Models in 3D!!!

by Nick Young

I think that about says it all but I'll say it again!  CAM MODEL COCK IN 3D!  Just when I thought the Cam Models couldn't get any better, they did!  Not only can I check out Snake Boy's fabulous ass and gorgeous cock but I can really see it and I swear his cock just flops right out of the screen and I can almost touch it.  Luckily I keep everything and I still have my 3D glasses from my last 3D movie adventure but if you don't have any with which to enjoy this cock-tacular experience you can order your own free paper or plastic pair by CLICKING HERE or Google search for plenty of other places but trust me, do it!

They aren't all 3D yet but I hear there will be plenty more soon.  I was scouring the site all day looking for more because I had so much fun with Snake Boy 3D!...Have I said 3D enough yet?  To check out Snake Boy just head on over to Live Jasmin and search for him name OR click his status indicator below.

Have fun and come back and tell me what you think!

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Camera Boy AAA Frat Boy

by NickYoung
aaafratboy_cameraboy.jpgaaafratboy_webcam_model.jpgIt occurred to me this weekend that I never told you about AAAFratBoy. Now there's a Fraternity I want to join! Alpha STUD Omega and what a fun house that would be! I guess I've just enjoyed keeping this secret to myself but enough of that selfish stuff, everyone should go to CameraBoys right now and get a piece of this guy.

Hot, built and mature this guy knows what it takes to please a real man. When you visit this one, plan to be there for a little while. He gets really turned on knowing that you're watching so sit back and enjoy this man work!

Those abs are like marble and if I actually got to fuck this guy I would want to see them the whole time. I want to watch him jerk off while I fuck him and then lick his hot cum off of those gorgeous abs. Yum yum YUM!  It's as good for him as it will be for you and that's the best kind of sex if you ask me! Now got get some...and tell him I said hello babe!

I hope you guys enjoy this sexy stud, I know I will be back for more...
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Camera Boy - Snake26Cock

by Nick Young
snake26cock_webcam_model.jpg What a cutie! For a lazy Sunday, the scruff he dons in his picture appealed to me, so I thought I would drop in for a hot chat and I wasn't dissapointed.

I thought his handle might have been a bit misleading but WOW was I wrong!  You have to get a look at this guys lucious cock!  You could take this guy home to meet mama and then take him back to your place and ride him until dawn!

He really gets into shooting his hot gooey load all over his body and all I wanted to do was suck on that big sexy cock of his until he couldn't shoot anymore!  After that I could just fuck that sweet ass until we pass out lazy like the day.  I'm gonna have to find this guy and reenact all our fun for real.  I can only imagine how hot it would really be! 

Check him out and enjoy guys!

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