CameraBoy Review 00SuperModel

by NickYoung
Hellooooo DADDY! All I have to say about sexy European stud is DELICIOUS!  I see future daddy material here.  I wanna be his lil boy..  Well and you will get an amazing show this boy has one of the sexiest smiles and oh so tasty cocks I have seen in quite a while.  Get your kink ready because this boy likes it a little freaky. He's a pleaser with a great smile and an adorable ass and like said a cock that makes me think of sucking a popsicle on a hot summer day refreshing, tasty and oohh so fucking delicious.  I have I said this boy looks tasty?    Click on his images or on his status indicator below to get to his page!!

00SuperModel_2_camera.jpgI want to lick this man's sweat he wouldn't need a towel I will lick you dry baby!!!!  

GUYS HIS COCK IS SOOO BIG YOU ARE GONNA WANT TO SIT ON IT SOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!    This boy is too fantastic for words...
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Camera Boy - LoverGay

by Nick Young
Although I have to say I think he's actually way nasty, this boy has angelic look like you cannot imagine. He loves to show of that handsomly ripped torso and his smile will melt your...heart...or your pants off, which ever cums first. For me it was the way he speaks to you and looks at you with that charming smile and laser beam eyes.  He likes to see a nice hard ass, so if you've got the goods log on.  These cameraboys are getting better and better.  I personally love this site and getting to know these boys has been such fun!  I really hope everyone is stroking their big hard cocks to one of my new favorites, gosh I am such a slut I seem to have a new favorite every week.  Oh well what is a Porn Star to do.   Well I have one very good idea that involve me doing Lover Gay here with my huge cock some lube and the back room at a club in Amsterdam.  I just want to corrupt this one.  IS THAT SOOO TERRIBLE??

Check him out and don't say I didn't warn you this site is addictive...

lovergay_2_camera.jpgThis boy is sure to bring a smile to your day.  
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Camera Boy - 1Franco

by Nick Young

1Franco_camera.jpgMilk did this body good!  If this guy really is 30 he must be getting HOTTER every year!  Those abs go on for miles and yes he loves to make those pecs dance.  His skin is so smooth he must have plenty of men coming over regularly to rub that body down with oil.  I think I'll have to do the same and get my hands on that cock! 

He's a sucker for a nice tight ass and he's waiting for you to stop by and tell him what to do!  Just break out the toys and go crazy because this guy is up for anything and he's so hot you'll be cumming constantly.  I just want to grab that beautiful long hair and make him suck my cock for hours!  I can just picture the sweat rippling down those chiseled abs and glistening on that beautiful face. 

If you have any fun stories about your experience with 1Franco, do tell!  I would love to hear more about what you liked best about this gorgeous stud!  Comment away!

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Camera Boy Fitbody4u

by Nick Young

fitbody4u_camera.jpgOh, I do love this one!! His name is Ricky and he's been on a lot lately and he's so sweet.

When he saw me log on he said "Oh wait! Let me go put something on for you!". He went around the corner for a moment and then came back with a hot black g-string. It didn't stay on for very long which is fine by me because he has the biggest most delicious looking cock I have seen in a while!

His body is 190-200 pounds of pure muscle and all I can think about is how much he would be throwing me around and it's hot! I sure hope he bottoms too because I just love his tight muscular ass. I could fanatasize about fucking his tight beautiful hole all day long.

With a body like that im sure he works out all the time. We'de probably have to take a break, go to the gym and then fuck some more! When would we have time to eat? I guess I'll just have to live on a steady diet of his beautiful cock...mmmmmm yummy.


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CameraBoy CuteGay20

by Nick Young
All I have to say about Roberto is 10 INCH COCK!...Oh who am I kidding?! I can say plenty! The first words I could utter after taking a good long look at his beautiful cock were "James Dean!", although I have to say I think he's actually way hotter. He loves to show of that handsomly ripped torso and his smile will melt your...heart...or your pants off, which ever cums first. He likes to see a nice hard ass, so if you've got a cam and an ass to match, get in there!

cutegay20_2_camera.jpgTwenty and pretty, I need to get over to Bucharest so I can have a sword-fight.
That's right Roberto, I challenge you to a duel!  A dual to the fuck, I might loose on purpose!!!!
Seriously I could take my tounge and work up and down those tight little man muscles for hours.  Who wouldn't want to give this boy a nice sexy rub down after he's had a long sweaty work out.  Roberto you wouldn't need a towel I will lick you dry!!!!  

Tell Roberto I sent you and that I encouraged you to stop by.  Okay I just went and saw another private with Roberto, GUYS HIS COCK IS SOOO BIG I WANT TO SIT ON IT SOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!    This boy is too fantastic...
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