Camera Boy - CollegeStudent

by NickYoung
Feel like doing your part to help a cute student get smart? Hang out with this guy for a night and fantasize.  We pretended that we were in chemistry class and had a special assignment to get hot and wet!  Ooooh explosive!  It was really fun!  He gets and A+++ from me! 

I think next I'll show upon campus for an anatomy tutorial (wink).  Trust me, this guy will make studying fun!  Now go study that gorgeous cock!


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Camera Boy - PerfectShape

by NickYoung
The Video only gives you a glimpse of that luscious cock!  It's so thick and hard and I just couldn't stop watching him jack it off.  Those kissable red lips and oh soo cool sunglasses this boy has the attitude the looks and the goods to get your rocks off.  Check out his video below.  


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The Nick Young Dirty Dozen: CameraBoy VacekDovotny

by NickYoung


vacekdovotny_camera.jpg1. What is your favorite part of the body?
A nice set of biceps is always a big turn-on for me.

2. Name something you like about yourself.
I have lived in many different places and seen many things most people don't get the chance to.

3. If you could have a super power what would it be?
I'd want to fly. I'd get mad play and I'd save a ton on gas. Fuck Chevron.

4. Favorite season?
I love Autumn. The colours of the leaves, the August heat - It is just so intense.

5. Favorite Porn or Porn star?
Jenna Jameson. She doesn't put all her money up her nose.

6. Where is your favorite place in the world?
I would have to say the Rio De Janeiro. Dangerous but beautiful.

7. What celebrity would you like to fuck?
Channing Tatum. Hands down.

8. What language or accent turns you on?

9. Favorite curse word?
"Punta" It's fun to say!

10. In all the arts; music, film, dance, visual arts etc., is there an artist that you like the most? lt;br />Jack Nicholson. He is prehistoric but still scores the hottest ass.

11. Where would you love to travel to?
I want to go back to Prague.

12. Classic or trendy?
I'm a pretty healthy mix of both, I'd say. All depends on my mood.

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Camera Boy - Kevin4U

by NickYoung
With such a cherub face for 20 he took me back to my younger days crushing on my classmates in college and it was so hot! He's got a lot of energy and really got into talking to me and finding out what makes my big cock hard and hungry for more. I spent a lot of time watching him play and it was well worth it. I just kept fantasizing about him sucking my cock and then letting me fuck that sweet little hole of his. Next time I think we'll have to break out the toys. He does love to play with his ass!

Check out that sweet face in his video below.

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by NickYoung

AndyMuscleCam features a hot European muscle twink. Surfers will enjoy his weekly webcam show as well as an archive of lots of recorded sessions not to mention his private amateur videos. There is nothing Andy won't do on cam, just be nice and ask, may I suggest a large dildo or some fun toys.  

I tend to stay away from smaller one man cam sites, I find you normally don't get as good of a show when there is less competition.  But this guys breaks the mould his show was hot sexy and exciting. He was very wiling active and keeps you engaged.  

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