New Site Alert: Guys in Sweatpants

by Aaron Shepard
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Austin Wilde Ty Roderick Connor Kline Guys in Sweatpants New Gay Porn

What's hotter than a sexy, man in sweatpants?  His cock visibly hard under the soft material.  Well this week's New Site Alert, Guys in Sweatpants, has just that.  However, don't worry as tantalizing as the sweatpants are they don't last long, and the action that follows is scorching!

Brought to you by mega star, Austin Wilde, Guys in Sweatpants is delivering some of the hottest scenes being produced today.  Austin has brought together some of the hottest guys - Connor Kline, Ty Roderick, Landon Conrad, Anthony Romero, etc. - and is showcasing them both in and and out of sweatpants.  In addition to the amazing scenes, Guys in Sweatpants offers both a Blog and Fan section, which allow members to interact with the site.  From protein shake recipes to areas where you can post your own "Guys in Sweatpants" pictures, oh and of course details on the latest scenes, these sections are a refreshing part of the site.

The Holiday Marathons are Here! -

by Aaron Shepard
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Holiday Marathon Sale ChaosMen Gay Porn

With the holidays quickly approaching, who couldn't use a little bit of extra cheer!  Our friends at, have something truly special planned for this holiday season.  Over the months of October, November, and December they have THREE mind and cock blowing marathons for y'all - Monster Cock Week, Extra Giblets and Butt-Stuffing, and the 2013 Holiday Marathon.

Although Monster Cock Week may have passed, the updates are still available and well worth the view.  Newcomers Troi and Apollo were definitely the focus of the week; both of them sporting some truly monstorous cocks.  My personal favorite for the week was Troi & Vander: RAW.  There is some serious chemistry amonst these two men and the sex is HOT!!  If this was a preview of what these Marathon Weeks have to come, then sign me up!

Lavender Lounge: Re-Booted

by CockFight
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Lavender Lounge Gay Porn Review

Lavender Lounge

A reinvention of an established brand in gay porn, Lavender Lounge gave itself a facelift almost a year ago but I wasn't sure exactly what it was becoming yet, so I held off on the review until I got a better idea of what they were doing that was different from everyone else and now I get it.  As the banner says (and how much do I love this idea) the models they use pick their own partners which means guaranteed chemistry every single time.  Burley, bound and loving every minute of the amature style shot scene.  Boots, chains, swings, paddles, hair, big cocks and a soundtrack of earnest moaning.

by CockFight
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Sarava Productions

Fans of Kristen Bjorn's muscle bound porn flix can now enjoy all of their movies streaming on their new site  More than six hundred steaming hot Kristen Bjorn and Saravan Productions sex scenes at the beck and call of your mouse click.  That includes the movies they made with Bel Ami like Sex City one and two.  The search function actually works too which is great since that's not always the case on a lot of these types of streaming sites.

by TwinkyEater
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Twink lovers, comic book fans and Anime fanatics, your porn has arrived!  No need to worry about your favorite star from the strip changing his hair or body in a way that makes him less sexy than the first time you laid eyes on him.  They're fictional Porn Star characters who have no limits and unlimited possibilities for scenes and occasionally a cartoon cameo of some of your favorite Twink porn stars like Kyler Moss, Preston Andrews and Noah Carlisle!  They're just beginning to make these comics and releasing new ones every day so I'm looking forward to seeing who else makes a cameo!  I'm hoping to get some Krys Perez comic book action or even Conner Bradley and Daniel Claymoore.  

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