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Anyone else have a weakness for rediculously beautiful men?  Oh yeah you do which is why I reccomend getting that fix at PlayGirl.  You get full access to their catalogue of searingly hot images of some of the biggest Adonis' to ever grace the gay porn screen.  Oh but there's more.  The mag is all grows up now and not only do they now produce video on their site but they also give you access to their monthly mag on line.

Sure, there are some downsides, namely that every once in a while a girl does appear on the site (although I know some of you dirty birds like that too so bonus for you!)  Personally, I like solos because the fantasy potential of inserting myself into the picture is just easier!  My most recent favorite? Victor Steele in the SHOWER!!  Muscles dripping with running water and cum...I'm good, get it, got it, lick it up, YES! (And how much do you love that he shaves his pubes into an arrow pointing at that rock hard cock!)

Other Porn Stars I LOVE on PlayGirl?  How about Johnny Castle and Tony Capucci for starters!!  Here's a video tease, just in case you didn't beleive me:

And now for the details so you can get ta joinin':

$8.33 1 YEAR Full Access (paid in one installment of $99.95) BEST VALUE
$9.95 6 MONTH Full Access (paid in one installment of $59.95) Save 50%
$19.95 1 MONTH Full Access (Recurring Monthly)

I went for the 6 Month plan personally because I plan on doing a lot of viewing and I had the cash.  Paying up front if I can is always good (and cheaper!) and it's saving me from more than one night out at the bars and I would probably spend that anyway and now I don't need "beer goggles"...cuz I know they're hot.

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