Bitter Bitchy Blogger Awards

by Scotty B
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Hello my friends and readers!  Scotty B whipped up something juicy for us to read this weekend!  As always, I don't censor my writers in the spirit of free press and telling my readers what we really think, and hey!...Everyone is entitled to their opinion!  I would like to remind all of my fellow bloggers from the heart featured in the article that we're just having a little fun over here and mean no disrespect.  Cheers to Bitter and Bitchy!  Keep Blogging and keep it real!

XO Nick

The Bitter Bitchy Blogger Awards

A few weeks ago when a studio exec called my interviews ‘bitter’ and ‘bitchy’ it gave me some inspiration to seek out and find my fellow ‘bitter’ and ‘bitchy’ bloggers on the Net!

It still seems like the world is still reeling from Olympic Games that captivated the entire country giving NBC record breaking numbers. Since I’ve always wanted to give out some kind of medal and I have experience in awards show, The WeHo XXX Awards, I figured I should honor my fellow bloggers out there in the porn world! Call this want you want but I hope that Nick Young files this under the Bitter Bitchy Blogger Awards!

jason_seacrest_scotty.JPGBronze:  Jason Sechrest

I really wanted to give legendary Jason Sechrest the Silver medal for his blog, but lately his words have become more ‘bitter’ and less ‘bitchy.’ Jason calls me his nemesis and I hope after this article he still calls me his friend, or frenemy! If you weren’t aware Jason has a huge site: and it has two different blog sections: his diary and industry news. His personal life doesn’t have much going on and no good gossip to dish. I think the last post he said that he had not been to the gym in months, had no love life, wasn’t making any more money and his dog had cancer (I was so sad) – how bitter can you get? The Sechrest I want to read would say something like this “I interviewed and he was a fucking mess. I took him to the bathroom of HERE Lounge and he pulled down his pants and I sucked him off and then he shoved his cock up my ass.” That’s the Jason that we’ve all come to know and love!!! Jason, we know you love sex so why not talk about it, or at least lie about it!




colin_oneal_scotty.JPGSilver:  Collin O’Neal

God, I hope I don’t get fired for this one, but as most of you know I work for Collin O’Neal. Over the last few years we have gone from strangers to extremely good friends and now coworkers… I trust him, I like him but I’m not biased – at all! If you’re wondering why I would bestow my own boss as having one of the most ‘bitter’ and ‘bitchy’ blogs on the Net, one read of his posts will demonstrate Easy, how HONEST he is and when his blog comes off as ‘bitter’ or ‘bitchy’ it just means that he’s pissed off and needs to get something off his furry chest! Believe me, I’m not playing favoritism at all, his blog goes into detail of his family life and problems, his boyfriends, ex boyfriends, shooting ordeals and his trips throughout the world. When you write things like “I knew I had to get rid of the boyfriend for good and refocus on work....sounds kinda shitty, but its not like I have no reason to let him go and the reasons to keep trying with him kept getting thinner and thinner,” you deserve a medal! If you had no idea that existed than sit down and buckle up, Collin has a lot to say and even if his blog comes off ‘bitter’ and ‘bitchy’ I think he is proud that his posts are honest, from the heart and uncensored. Why didn’t O’Neal score the Gold? Because the Gold medalist has a way bigger ego than Collin will ever have… and that’s a good thing!

michael_lucas_heels.JPGGold:  Michael Lucas

You either love him or hate him, and with Michael Lucas there’s no grey area! If you’re not a fan of Lucas you probably view his blog ( as being divisive, disheartening, and discourteous. If you’re a fan, like me, then you consider him to be insightful, incredibly intelligent and a force to be reckoned with! As far as I’m concerned if you post a picture like the one you see to your left, you should expect to get a nomination for being if not ‘bitter’ than incredibly ‘bitchy’ – in a good way!

Let’s dish about Lucas, I’ve only met ‘the man’ once and although he was a bit Project Runway he was beautifully warm, he pretended like he cared of who I was and I was enamored by the thought of meeting Michael Lucas – p.s. that was three years ago. The man loves to talk about himself almost as much as he loves to talk about other people. One of his posts I last read and is worth mention says, “I’d never, ever say anything to insult my dear friend and competitor Chi Chi LaRue, but it would, alas, appear that Americans are losing the war against obesity.” What a bitch, why would you ever write that? I wonder if Chi Chi ever returned comment on Lucas’ blog about the battle of the bulge?

I started reading Lucas’ blog about a year ago and during the week he started posting daily updated about his life – hourly! I can remember the individual days I laughed out loud because they would say things like 10 a.m. – Got a cleaning at the dentist. 10 a.m. – Took my dog, Bianco to the park. 1 p.m. – Made myself some lunch. And while this might not sound either ‘bitter’ or ‘bitchy’ it does sound incredibly boring. His blog has gone after world leaders, countries, porn studios and David Forest! Last time I checked these two were at each others throats and Lucas had posted an email that Forest had sent to him in a St. Patrick greenish color! I forget what the tiff was about but why post an email anyway? Finally, the last reason why Lucas deserves the Gold medal is for the following entry about relationships, I find so amazingly… eh, you read it! “I’ve always advised my friends not to snoop into their partner’s computer or cell phone. What you will often find is a long buddy list, frequent access to Manhunt and, sometimes, even passionate affairs with explicit pictures and promises of eternal love. So what is better: not knowing, pretending not to know or a confrontation?

He said a mouthful - let me know what you think and who should get an honorable mention, just be nice and not ‘bitter’ nor ‘bitchy!’



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