Scotty B's Q&A: Damon Kruezer

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Drilling Damon
Scotty B’s Q&A with Damon Kruezer

kruezeratnight.jpgDamon Kruezer and his site/blog is undisputedly the most hated blog in the gay porn industry and a guilty pleasure at the same time. While most would lie and say they do not support Kruezer’s site, they are the same people who secretly log on to see what Damon is talking about on a daily basis – I do it. From gay porn stars to gay porn directors and journalists, no one can avoid his wrath, trust me I’ve seen it! If Damon loves you he will tell his readers, if he hates you, you’ll know it! No matter what you think of his controversial site we have him, and dare I say he’s a little tame *gasp*! Enjoy the gossip… this shit is good!!!

Scotty B: I promised a porn exclusive and I delivered this week. Today I am talking with Damon Kruezer from the most controversial porn site on the Net: How are you?
Damon Kruezer: Hi Scotty B, I'm happy we have this opportunity to share thoughts, impressions, commentary and projections with your readers.

Scotty B: Okay, I need to ask right off, why is your site the porn worlds 'Gossip Girl'?
DK: Good one! My site is akin to "GG" because 10 years ago when I first started it, I was determined not to be predictable or conformist to the Gay Porn Mafia point of view. And yes, there is a Gay Porn Mafia and Kruezer at Night is the opposite of that – a corrective opposite. You may have noticed how many times I cover a story or an emerging star such as Kameron Scott and then my rivals get in on it. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery of course.

kameron_scott.jpgScotty B: Who do you think is the biggest porn star so far of 2008?
DK: So far the biggest porn star of this year is undoubtedly Kameron Scott. I was the first to interview him and talk about his great look, style and versatile hotness, and now he's just filmed for Falcon, FPG and Jet Set Men among others. I think Kam is going to be a GayVN winner in several categories and deservedly so.

brodie_sinclair.jpgScotty B: Who else?
DK: A close second in the twink category is Robbie Hart, he’s just incredibly sexy, smart and sweet. Third on my list is Brodie Sinclair, whose newfound versatility is turning many heads on!

Scotty B: How come you don't write about veteran porn stars: Johnny Hazzard, Matthew Rush, Francesco D'Macho.
DK: About the so-called "bigger" porn stars, I think that depends on whether you're coming from an East Coast or L.A. perspective. Being in New York City one could say Lucas stars are big although most of them look and act to me like very ordinary guys. No, my definition of "big star" is the Top Five my readers around the world constantly ask me about, and that means a different interpretation.

Scotty B: Ok, but no matter if you live in LA, London or NYC, it's pretty undisputed that Francesco D'Macho, Steve Cruz, Francois Sagat and Damien Crosse get a lot of press, do you avoid them because you want to give press to a different group of stars and not only to the ones that always get covered on GayPornBlog or GayPornTimes?
DK: I think it's important to point out the importance of online persona, how a star comes across off camera as well as on. Some like Johnny Hazzard have great websites, and I expect Kameron Scott will soon have a chance to show the fans more of what he's like off camera when his website: goes up fully populated with content now being developed.

Scotty B: What movie has been the highlight of 2008 for you?
DK: So far I would have to say Cruising Grounds from the Mustang division of Falcon, directed by Paul Barresi. The movie is total testosterone and some great acting.

brad_starr_rb.jpgScotty B: You were a big fan of Brad Starr, are you still?
DK: I am extremely disappointed in Brad Star following our very intense and very personal interactions last fall and earlier this year. He seems to have been seduced by the dark side and now is only an extension of his boyfriend, although I do congratulate Brad on finally coming out of the closet and not insisting he's 90% str8 as he did in our interview sessions. Brad could have been the #1 star.

Scotty B: What amateur site is your favorite this year? What do you think of sites like FratPad that feature total str8 men and feature no man on man action?
DK: I like for their hot twink solos and duo action, and also is an underrated site featuring everything from frat jock action to light bondage with Daddy himself sometimes involved on camera. I recently spoke at length with my good friend Todd Montgomery. I can say that what is to come will be of great interest and significance. Also the fact that David Forest is now almost a non-person is quite a change in the West Coast side of things. Rehab seems to be working for him.

Scotty B: Do you log onto Randy Blue, Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher?
DK: They seem increasingly like clone sites to my eyes. Mostly the same types: the same performing style, and boring plain vanilla. And no, I don't buy the "str8 guy gone gay" thing at all, most of those models are bisexual or gay whether they admit it or not.

Scotty B: You seem to have a love hate relationship with everyone you write about on your site... including me. Do you love to talk shit just to get people talking?
DK: I am definitely NOT plain vanilla any more than I am a kiss ass reporter currying favor with one faction or the other. I tell it like I see it, but that's not to say my opinions aren't subject to change. For example, I radically changed my opinion about you when I saw you were trying - and succeeding - in carving out your own independent niche, along with Nick Young and Collin O'Neal. When it comes to controversy, drama and factions, I think the words of my good friend Chris Steele apply "Your drama isn't my drama!"

Scotty B: Have you had sex with any porn stars?
DK: Now that’s a hot question, and I'll answer it with the simple truth: Yes, I have – five in fact, over the past few years. From twinks to muscle jocks and one "top only" on film who's anything but a top privately. But I keep the specifics private out of respect to them and also because I don't want anyone to think my reports and coverage are biased one way or the other based on personal matters.

Scotty B: Awe, give us one name!!! I will give you one name if you give me one!
DK: I'll meet you half way: Two are currently based in Fort Lauderdale, one is based in San Francisco, and the other two are from the Midwest. All have been featured on Kruezer at Night in the past three years. That narrows it down for you, especially when compared to my descriptions of their "types". Porn stars often are surprisingly needy emotionally, and eager to show they can "connect" privately.

Scotty B: What do you think of Chi Chi's new “Str8 for Pay” movies coming out soon?
DK: Chi Chi is trying a new variation, and like her upcoming brick and mortar store, I give her credit for trying to innovate. However I am withholding judgment on just how hot or innovative "Str8 for Pay" will be until there is actual product available. I LOVE the idea of role reversal though!

Scotty B: Any comments on the ‘State of the Adult Industry right now?’
DK: I believe the industry is going through a "reduction in force" phase right now, and there'll be lots of further consolidation and belt tightening as online VOD content completely takes over from DVD sales and rentals - but with the HUGE challenge of differentiating the product lines, model types, fetishes etc. I predict there is a TSUNAMI coming in the next month that will shake, rattle and roll the industry to its core. And when everyone finds out WHO is at the epicenter and the WHY of it all, to say that jaws are going to drop is the least of it.

Scotty B: Are you a fan of agents: FabScout, David Forest and Dak King? Do you think there is a need for agents in 2008?
DK: Agents like David Forest, I did some work for Forest as a result of which I came to realize that his working so closely (at the time) with Jason Curious was NOT a good thing, and that agents in general really are anachronisms in 2008. Back in the 80s and 90s when the porn star "cult of personality" was the be-all and the end-all, and when negotiations for specific scenes in movies, were crucial, agents made sense...but not so much anymore. Today most porn stars represent themselves with some help in scheduling and payment options, and Baileey Productions and Fabscout do that very well for their guys, as does the Alias Regime for their fresh crop of new models from Devil Boyz.

Scotty B: There are lots of rumors that you live with your mom, live off of Section 8. Is there any truth to these accounts?
DK: Thanks for asking that. Let the truth be known: NO TRUTH to these scurrilous reports from jealous or obsessed individuals seeking attention by trying to defame me. Fact is, I live happily in New York City in a loft condo and although I'm close to my mother, I don't live with her. By the way she is living independently in her own house, nothing to do with Section 8, thanks to me.

Scotty B: How do make a living off your site?
DK: I have a number of paying clients, some of whom are fairly obvious and some of whom are "stealth" clients. Half of it is PR work, half is involved with marketing and promotion and certain "tests" to see who, what or what content might take off within the market. It always keeps me busy, and keeps so many people talking...and isn't that what it's all about?

Scotty B: Anything you want to say to your devoted readers before we nip this interview in the bud?
DK: I respect, value and love my readers around the world who have been so attentive and such loyal fans, who appreciate the Kruezer style and opinion-leading content, and who aren't afraid of some controversy. Kruezer at Night looks forward to the next decade of growth and innovation as we go in some new directions in Q4 2008! Thanks so much Scotty B, it's been a pleasure.

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  • Please Damon stop - Oh lord? He had sex with porn stars. Sure. Whatevah. And my dick is 20 inches!

    You best be careful Scotty B. Give Damon three weeks and he'll be accusing you of all sorts of things and saying how much you opened up to him. And of course ruined his trust :-)

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  • Hurray for Damon and Kudos to Scotty B - This interview shows the "Big Bad Wolf" of the gay porn forest can be quite charming and perceptive. I have never believed some of the vicious lies about Damon Kruezer circulated on certian anti-Kruezer hate blogs. He's been doing this for 10 plus years. The young models love him and the Kruezer edge. He's a rebel. Like him or hate him, you have to be impressed with Kruezer's stamina and perseverance as many of the old-timers fade away.

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  • 20" Cock, I WANT SOME OF THAT!! - Love him or hate him they guy has an opinion, and like may father always said opinions are like assholes, I don't think he knew I was gay and had an affinity for ass holes but I recall something in there about oh I can't remember. I still want some of that 20" cock.

    Peace Love Hugs & MORE PORN!!!!!!

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  • Call me Nick - I got the measuring stick out! Call me sweetie! :-)

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  • Another blog takeover - Damon aka Kent has already started bombarding the industry with emails linking to this ridiculous interview. Most of us just delete them. Prepare yourself for comments here from all hundreds of his personalities...Yves Mignon is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  • - And who exactly is this Brian Maroney person? How do you know Mr. DK? Maybe you agreed to do something for him, demanded money, and then reneged on the deal at the last minute? Nah it couldn't be anything like that could it? Ahhh the untold story. Puts things in a very different light!

    Personally I think Scotty B's interview with Mr. DK is a good read and provides valuable insights.
    It's "ridiculous" only if you approach the whole subject with a preconceived bias, and in Maroney's case, Damon has exposed the truth about him to us on his blog network previously.

    I LOVE what Scotty B did, and I applaud Nick Young's coverage in taking a stand for First Amendment rights.

    Or are we supposed to not read or pay attention to anyone or anything unless the Gay Porn Mafia of which Maroney is a part gives its approval? NOT!!!

    Now I'm reading up on what Kruezer has found out about what happened to that Falcon movie yesterday busted by the LAPD vice. Word is he's been on the phone all day to San Francisco.

    Could it be he'll be going there in person? Hmmmm....

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  • Rolling my eyes - Sure. Whatever yo say Damon. I'm sorry. I meant to say Trefethen.

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  • what did I tell ya? - Didn't take long, Kentie. Trefethen, Yves Mignon...who will be the next Kent Barclay personality to show up here? Sure it will kill this blog but in the meantime its a lot of fun trying to guess who he will be next.

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  • It's not Maroney's blog as Kruezer interest rises with 2 more interviews - Sorry Mr. Maroney you're not going to be allowed to shift the focus and make this a personal bashing session because you failed Hater 101: Explain clearly and concisely exactly what your personal or business stake in this is. You failed to do that, you merely continue to try to confuse and misdirect in a tactic typical of the Gay Porn Mafia.

    Well Mr. Kruezer is now more popular than ever and just completed his SECOND Q & A this week as well as interviewing a new model who just adores him from what Kruezer has revealed in his online chat.

    So by any objective measure you and those like you by failing to focus on the CONTENT of the Kruezer Q & A here, or the real value of his site, and trying to make it PERSONAL for totally undefined reasons, only show what a small bunch of jealous queens you are.


    P.S. Word is many now believe 100% that you stiffed Kruezer on a deal you agreed to, and are trying to play the victim when in fact it was YOU who stiffed HIM. Deal!

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  • Kruezer ups the ante: Scathing new Commentary on Falcon "BLUE MOVIE" Bust - He's been talking with key people in San Francisco and in Portland and now this is what he just posted on his opinion-leading site, AT LAST he's saying what needs to be said. He's on a roll!

    I quote from the newly updated



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