EXCLUSIVE FIRST: D'Macho and Crosse Launch StagHomme.com

by Scotty B
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Hey everyone, so I just spoke with Damien Crosse and as promised he is telling us EXCLUSIVELY FIRST about his new business relationship with his husband/partner Francesco D'Macho! Their adult company will be a Spanish-based operation which will be up and running by October 8, 2008 - a week away!!! The website www.StagHomme.com will feature both Crosse and D'Macho as performers every month, plus other eXXXclusive men from all over Europe, however they will keep their loyalty to Madrid, seeing how that is where they are based.

Crosse told me that the features on the site will be hot "unscripted, real, up-close and personal sex including hot and daring guerilla footage." StagHomme will also feature two monthly segments called 'StagTV.' Think Paris and and Nicole as a lesbian couple stuck in the porn world - God I hope that is what it's going to be like! In all seriousness it will be all about Crosse and D'Macho globe trotting showing the real them, having fun and bringing the viewer "deeper into the porn world" featuring "trouble-magnetic adventures!" Oh, there will also be sex involved - LOVE IT!!!!

As a wise old soul said "immitation is the sincerest form of flattery," so they will also be lauching a show called Coffee with the Stars. Think of the show I used to do at Micky's called Cocktails with the Stars, but online with Crosse, D'Macho plus any other porn stars that might happen to stop by. (Okay fuckers, now you will need to stop by my show at Micky's (www.Mickys.com) when we get the show up and running again and do my show since you ripped off our idea *wink*!!!)


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