Sex.Sex: A FIRST Look

by Aaron Shepard
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John and Kira have been dating for the past 14 years.  Together they share a passion for many things, including:  webcams, scanning, and code development.  With shared interest such as these, it should come as no surprise that the two have some wild stories, like the time John caught Kira on webcam with her friend!  Obviously his initial reaction was complete shock, but that quickly subsided.  He soon found himself turned on by the entire situation, and then inspired.  What if you were able to search through millions of webcams in order to find the hottest and most unique?  Using that though as inspiration, John and Kira sought to develop a webcam sex scan engine that would allow anyone to do just that.  With that, Sex.Sex was born!

Sex.Sex offers an experience never before seen in the Adult Entertainment Industry.  Offering a number of features completely unique to Sex.Sex. 

Website Review Sex.SexWebsite Review Sex.Sex

Website Review Sex.SexWebsite Review Sex.Sex

The first feature you will see on Sex.Sex is the Scan-Cam.  While continuously scanning for new live cams, the Scan-Cam feature allows members to preview the live chats of up to six different hosts all on one screen.  This eliminates the monotony of having to enter each of the hosts live chats in order to find that special someone you want to chat with privately.  They’re all right there, waiting for you to “test drive” them before you make your final decision.  When you do make your final decision though, simply choose your host and enjoy some private time with him for between 9.8 and 59 Silx – Sex.Sex’s digital currency – per minute.  You’d be surprised what they’ll do for you in Private!

If the Scan-Cam doesn’t prove interesting enough, members also have access to the site’s Keyhole feature.  For 6 Silx per minute, the Keyhole feature allows you to take a glimpse of life after the show.  These models aren’t performing, but the cam is still on… Oops!  From mundane household chores to the most bizarre moments, the Keyhole feature lets you see it all.  Don’t worry though; they haven’t a clue that you’re watching.

Website Review Sex.SexWebsite Review Sex.SexWebsite Review Sex.Sex

Another great feature being introduced by Sex.Sex is Get a Ride.  Allow me to explain.  Have you ever lusted after a particular model, but couldn't afford the price he was asking or simply never had the chance?  Well, with Get a Ride you can finally experience his show without having to worry about the bill!  As you may have guessed, this opportunity doesn’t come along all the time, so when it does don’t miss out on your chance to Get a Ride.

The Scan-Cam, Keyhole, and Get a Ride features should be enough to convince you that Sex.Sex isn’t your average webcam network.  But just in case they haven’t, take a look at Sex.Sex’s SocialFeed.  Harness the power of social media as you explore what’s hot and what’s not at this exact moment in time.  They’ve made finding the hottest webcam action simpler than it has ever been before.

Website Review Sex.Sex Social Feed

So if you’re looking for something more interesting than your average webcam, then try Sex.Sex!  You won’t be disappointed by what you find.


$10 for 80 Silx
$50 for 400 Silx
$100 for 800 Silx
$200 for 1600 Silx

In addition to providing you with a more complete Sex.Sex experience, Silx purchases grant you access to sexually explicit photos, monthly video contests, and exclusive porn star shows.

Website Review Sex.Sex

Follow John and Kira’s sexual exploits on Twitter at @JohnandKira.

PS:  Don’t forget to share your latest Sex.Sex experiences with @JohnandKira for your chance to earn some free Silx!

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