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Following the perfect build of an online sex site, gives you the option to watch your porn practically anywhere with iPod downloads of the same video content available on the site. The site loads quickly on portable devices like the iPod Touch and iPhone. The videos also play directly from the site proving to be truly portable.

It is truly a brilliant visual encounter every time you visit features some of the most breathtakingly hot young men the greater north has to offer.

What catches your attention first is the high quality thumbnail of buzzed-haired Alec Winfield impaling scruffy-faced Twink, Andrew Elliot. Each boy smiles like they are in total bliss. Hot photos like that draw you right in immediately. You learn from the beginning that Winfield is the student and Elliot is the teacher. The atmosphere is very relaxed on set. The boys often through-out their "lesson" banter with the cameramen leaving Winfield blushing as Elliot tries to teach him several ballet positions. It's obvious that Winfield isn't as flexible as Elliot. Elliot shows Winfield however how flexible he is by throwing his leg to the heavens. This invites Winfield to take advantage of this perfectly positioned twink in front of him.

video_boys_screencap_2.jpgQuickly the boys strip down with the exception of Winfield having a few issues pulling down his trackies. That poses no problem for Winfield. He hungrily sucks on Elliot's already hard prick for a bit though it's Elliot's amazing cock worship that ignites the scene even more. He hypnotically pays attention to Winfield's fat cock. He makes a comment at one point that he didn't realize how big Winfield's cock was. As soon as Winfield splits Elliot's ass, his dick hardens and become sensitive to the slightest breeze. It remains the same through out the whole time Winfield slams into Elliot's toned and welcoming ass. After a variety of traditional positions, Elliot blows his load all over his leg as Winfield drives it home from behind. Winfield responds by shooting a nice couple of spurts on Elliot's flat belly. After both boys get off, you get that feeling that they will be ready to go at again once the camera stops rolling.

Along with an informative newsletter featuring updates, new features, special promotions and discounts, VideoBoys also gives 10% off to members on DVD titles from their Online DVD Store.

Becoming a member at is quite accommodating to different tastes. You have your choice of payment methods: Credit Card, Online Check, and Debit Account. A 30 day Recurring Membership is only $29.95 ($23.95 after 2 monthly rebillings). If you are looking for only a month of access to without a recurring membership, you pay $34.95. A 90 day Non Recurring Membership is even available for $64.95. Telephone Banking is available for $34.95 for 30 days, Non Recurring.



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