Vibro: The New Vibrating Fleshjack!

by Cock Fight
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There's A New Fleshjack In Town!

Just when you though the sensation couldn't get any better...they dropped this guy in our laps!  I had mine overnighted  and let me just share with you what this Jack did for my weekend!  It tickled for just a second at first (keep in mind I am fiercely ticklish) but then quickly became jack-tacular! 

I broke out some of my favorite porn from the archives and breathed new life into it with my new hand held vibrating man whore...and who doesn't love a good man whore?!  If you can't quite budget in some new porn  try the stuff on your shelf with this dirty bird.  It's a really cum-tastic alternative to new eye candy.  Texture hint...Cyclone Betch!  I'm about to run out of lube and soap from all the jackin' and cleanin', jackin' and cleanin'

Fortunately the fantastic little vibrating bullets are not only removable, helping to maintain the ease of use for the Vibro but it comes with three of them and 10 batteries so I'm in no danger of running out of good vibrations.  It's too damned hot to go outside right now anyway so why not just stay in and jack off!


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  • Talk about Funtastic - This would be totally something to fill a boring afternoon or snow day... LOL!!!


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