Colt Studio Group: A FIRST Look

by Aaron Shepard
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COLT Front Page

Jim French and Lou Thomas started COLT Studio – now Colt Studio Group – in 1967 and the company has been bringing us impressive muscle men, beefcake hunks, and ripped studs ever since!  COLT has become synonymous with gorgeous men, who have movie-star good lucks and rippling muscles.  Although management may have changed over the years, the men have certainly not!

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Broke Straight Boys: A Third Look

by Aaron Shepard
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Broke Straight Boys Front Page

Broke Straight Boys (BSB) is a gay reality porn site produced by BluMedia.  The premise is simple:  college-aged, “hetero” guys switch team for an afternoon in order to pay their bills.  The guys run the gamut from boy-next-door to “bad boy” to Bistro waiter; you’ll find both scruffy and neatly groomed guys as well as some with tattoos and a few with rather interesting piercings.  Their builds range from slender twink to middle weight wrestlers, with lots of “average joes” and the occasional jock.  With all that young blood, the only trouble is finding a favorite!

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College Dudes: A Second Look

by Aaron Shepard
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College Dudes Front Page

What was CollegeDudes 24/7 has become simply College Dudes.  Although recently re-styled and re-vamped, College Dudes continues to carry the same high-quality content.  There are some cuties, some more average guys and some who are simply drop-dead gorgeous.  While many are amateurs, some former College Dudes have made it big in the Industry – Josh Long, Tommy Defendi, Devin Adams.

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Males Stars: A Third Look

by Aaron Shepard
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Male Stars Front Page

Male Stars is all about hot and naked – or semi-naked – celebrities, including:  movie stars, sportsmen, and musicians.  The site, which has been operating for over 20 years, has built up an impressive archive over the years.  There is a LOT to explore and it’s easy to get lost in all of the different categories and pages, but after a while it becomes clear how to get to the hottest nude bodies, celebrity bulges, asses and even cocks!  You will find some of today’s hottest males stars – Matt Bomer, Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner – as well as hotties from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, including Don Johnson, Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, and Richard Gere.  Basically, if you’ve seen him on TV or in film, then he likely has a page at Male Stars. 

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Fraternity X: A Second Look

by Aaron Shepard
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Fraternity X Front Page

Fraternity X launched back in 2011 amid a flood of college dorm and hazing sites featuring guys in naked horseplay and horny gangbang action.  As it turned out, Fraternity X is the best of them all.  Said to be created by a fraternity on an Arizona university campus, Fraternity X is entirely run by the brothers.  These college boys love drinking, sucking cock, and fucking ass with their buddies.  What better way to fund their college educations than to film it all for our entertainment then?

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