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The site if really fucking cool, it has it all: Sexy Faces, Hard Cocks, Dirty Fourgy, Horny Boys, and Buttfucking. The boys of DirtyBoyVideo are tattooed and sleazy, fun for when you are in a one of those nasty raunchy moods. Dirtyboyvideo.com features unlimited access to archived and current content which, is 100% exclusive and can be downloaded to your computer for viewing at any time, WE LOVE THAT!! Members get DVD discounts and access to three bonus sites, but DBV is plenty to keep you busy.

The site promises 5 weekly updates but isn’t specific in what you get in those updates, though I really haven’t disappointed yet. The preview tour is hot and only teases you to join where you have a large selection of current and archived content to view. Price wise this one is a no brainer go for the 3 month. You will be happy you did…


7 Day Trial: $7.95
Full Month Access: $24.95
3 Month Access: $59.95
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With scandals and gossip fueling the media frenzy surrounding today’s hottest hunks of television, film, sports, music, and fashion, it’s no wonder an appetite and lust for nude photos of these studs would begin turning up on the web. Malestars.com isn’t just a content site, but much more. Malestars.com features news, articles, gossip, photos, and similar links aimed at exposing the hidden talents of today’s hottest stars.

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