TimTales: A Second Look

by Aaron Shepard
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TimTales Front Page

Tim Kruger is a sexy German guy with a 10-inch uncut cock, who started filming gay porn back in 2007.  After performing in more than a dozen DVDs, he took a different route.  He started his own site, TimTales.  Since it launched, Kruger has been completely involved in almost every aspect of the site.  He does the scouting for performers and appears in many of the videos, while his real-life partner, Grobes, does the production and editing.  With lots of hot European men, huge dicks, and PLENTY of foreskin, TimTales is one of my favorites!

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CockSure Men: A Second Look

by Aaron Shepard
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CockSure Men Front Page

Gay porn has become so varies as of late that it’s sometimes hard to know what to look at.  There are fetish sites, toon sites, story sites, and all manners of weird and wonderful gimmicks to try and get you to part with your cash.  This, however, is what makes coming across a site like CockSure Men so appealing.  Inside you’ll find attractive, masculine, fit guys in simply staged, well-crafted solo and action scenes.  It’s man-on-man porn with no bells, no whistles, and no outrageous claims.  Just hot CockSure Men.

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Bel Ami's Black Friday Blow Out

by Aaron Shepard
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Bel Ami Black Friday Blow Out

Bel Ami's Black Friday BlowOut

Don't miss out on this amazing deal from Bel Ami!  Get one month FREE access to Kinky Angels, when you purhcase one month of access to Bel Ami Online for $34.95.  That's a savings of $29.95!  Simply click the banner above and JOIN before it's too late.  

Offer ends December 1, 2015. 

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Extra Giblets & Butt Stuffing - ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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ChaosMen Extra Giblets and Butt Stuffing

It's Marathon Season!

Extra Giblets & Butt Stuffing

The second of the three holiday marathons begins today at ChaosMen.  Are you ready for some Extra Giblets & Butt Stuffing?  Over the next week, a new scene will be released each day.  As you may have guessed, each of the scenes will be featuring a little bit extra ass-pounding goodness.  Who doesn't want a little bitt more of the RAW action they serve at ChaosMen?  I know I do! 

If the Extra Giblets & Butt Stuffing aren't enough to get your attention, then perhaps the Holiday sale price might be!  The guys over at ChaosMen are offering 10% off a 90-Day membership throughout their Holiday season, that's now good for th Extra Giblets & Butt Stuffing (Nov. 23 - Nov. 29) AND the Holiday Marathon (Dec. 21 - Jan. 1) and everything in between!  Don't miss out on the festivities, go visit ChaosMen now.


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Raw Fuck Club: A FIRST Look

by Aaron Shepard
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Raw Fuck Club Front Page

Founded in 2005, Dark Alley Media has always focused on the “grittier underground” of gay sexuality.  Known as one of the top producers of bareback and fisting porn, Dark Alley has certainly not disappointed with its latest venture, Raw Fuck Club (RFC).  RFC offers precisely what its name entails - rough, horny men and hard bareback action.