Bel Ami Online: A Second Look

by Aaron Shepard
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Bel Ami Online Screenshot

Damn those Bel Ami boys are hot!  They have seemingly found some of the most impossibly beautiful boys out there and are producing some wonderfully erotic movies.  The models, however, aren’t the only people involved in making a top-notch film though.  The men behind the camera are just as important, and the men at Bel Ami KNOW what they’re doing.  Their filming techniques are superb.  Their newest feature, Scandal in the Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard, is a perfect example.  Featuring some of the hottest new faces in porn, this film is sure to get your blood pumping.  You might imagine big budget cinema in Eastern Europe minus the actresses and the clothes! 

ChaosMen: A Second Look

by Aaron Shepard
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The most interesting part about these "Second Looks" is being able to revisit a site and seeing how it has transformed over the years.  Since the last time we looked at ChaosMen, it has completely been revitalized!  The site looks amazing and the content is as good as ever.  Still specializing in first-time amateur guys, the site is filled with solos, oral videos, and some amazing hardcore action.  This is one "Second Look" that I am VERY excited for.

Lucas Entertainment: A Second Look

by Aaron Shepard
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Lucas Entertainment

The name Michael Lucas is known throughout the Industry.  Whether it be for his strapping good looks, his masterful style, or his ingenuity in the field, you have heard of Michael Lucas and his namesake,

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Kristen Bjorn: A Second Look

by Aaron Shepard
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Kristen Bjorn ScreenShot

Kristen Bjorn is English by birth, though he was raised in the States.  Upon the completion of high school, he chose to travel the world - Asia, India, Europe, etc.  It was while in Brazil, however, that he set about producing erotic photography, which later became film.  He has been doing this for a while now and one things is for sure.  He knows what his is doing!

His site,, grants you access to thousands of web scenes, a multitude of DVDs for purchase, and sultry images of the top stars appearing in his films.  It's a simple choice, go sign up and log in for the thrill of a lifetime!

New Site Alert: Guys in Sweatpants

by Aaron Shepard
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Austin Wilde Ty Roderick Connor Kline Guys in Sweatpants New Gay Porn

What's hotter than a sexy, man in sweatpants?  His cock visibly hard under the soft material.  Well this week's New Site Alert, Guys in Sweatpants, has just that.  However, don't worry as tantalizing as the sweatpants are they don't last long, and the action that follows is scorching!

Brought to you by mega star, Austin Wilde, Guys in Sweatpants is delivering some of the hottest scenes being produced today.  Austin has brought together some of the hottest guys - Connor Kline, Ty Roderick, Landon Conrad, Anthony Romero, etc. - and is showcasing them both in and and out of sweatpants.  In addition to the amazing scenes, Guys in Sweatpants offers both a Blog and Fan section, which allow members to interact with the site.  From protein shake recipes to areas where you can post your own "Guys in Sweatpants" pictures, oh and of course details on the latest scenes, these sections are a refreshing part of the site.

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