Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

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Happy Anniversary To Hot Cocks In Suits!


MenAtPlay is not only the site that first brought the "Men In Suits" porn fetish to the internet, it has consistently made some of the sexiest content available and though it is often imitated on other sites by other directors, it is still my go-to for gorgeous men in well tailored suits fucking like sexy beasts.

Maybe it's because they take their suit wearing very seriously, which for me makes all the difference.  I've heard from several of the models that have worked with them that they take great pride in providing well tailored and expensive suits so that the models look like real professionals and for me it completes the fantasy.  There are few things in this world less sexy to me than a guy wearing a suit that doesn't fit and they're EVERYWHERE except for  Shot in the UK, they've featured some of Europe's most devastatingly handsome men dripping with delicious foreskin as well as some of the hottest American models available.  Some of my favorites include Jay Roberts, Rogan Richards, Wilfried Knight, Sean Lawrence, Johnny Hazzard, Dean Monroe, Issac Jones, Kyle King, Alex Marte, Steven Daigle, Junior Stellano, Eddie Diaz, Francesco D'Macho, Damien Crosse, Paddy O'Brien, Carlos Caballero, Mark Stevens, Cavin Knight and so many more it's really too hard to go through and pick favorites!  I do have a wishlist of future models though if they're ever interested!  

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A few years after it's launch, the brain child of Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse is still going strong and has in fact won several awards for best European themed site.  They don't update several times a week which I actually like because the original intent of the site was to create sensual hot porn with beautiful gay men from all over the world and they have succeeded.  When StagHomme cranks out a scene you know it's going to be flawlessly sexy.  If you've never seen any of their stuff, check out the video below or head on over to the site and check out the teasers that include the legendary Matthew Rush, Spencer Reed, Johnny Hazzard, Logan McCree, Aitor Crash, Ben Brown and a slew of other hot European men ready to fuck and get fucked.  Oh yeah, and don't forget that an appearance just to keep things interesting and raunchy.

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I realized that ever since Pickles stopped writing for NYXXX that there's been a lack of bareback reviews, so I think it's time for a bareback revival!  I'm going to share an un-reviewed bareback site every week this month and keep you posted on what I'm loving.  What better way to start off the kick than with  I don't have any video to share but I did grab a few pictures to show you that what I like about is that the models are average guys.  Bareback sex between two real guys in a simple setting, no plot just hot fucking is my favorite way to get off to bareback.  Give me rough, cum dripping ass fucking with guys that aren't worried about how they look but what they're fucking.

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Well everyone knows that I'M a sucker for a big dick so when I need to feast my eyes on a host of thick cocks and hot guys I just head on over to where they have a good combo of young, hot, big dicked guy guys we've never seen before mixed with some of may favorite big dicked Porn Stars like Alexander Garrett, Antonio Biaggi, Diesel Washington, Phenix Saint, Brad Star, Jeremy Bilding, Christian Wilde, Tommy Defendi, Kirk Cummings...the list just keeps going on which means there's more than enough big dick action to keep you satisfied for a long time.  Hey it's a great standbye for me!

Check out some of the latest deliciousness Alexander Greene and Ricky Larkin.


How cute is Ricky Larkin?!!  That thick latino cock looks so good going in and out of Alexander's mouth and tight blondie twink hole.  And Alexander also cas a big cock which I love to watch hard and bouncing while he rides Ricky.

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If you're a fan of DJ PornStar Dominic Pacifico then you've no doubt been waiting for this for a long time and it's finally come to fruition. has been launched and that means fresh new content created by and sometimes even starting the DJ Porn Star himself. 

There aren't any teasers on the site yet, but I'm guessing the music alone will be worth the price of admission while watching him hook-up with Christopher Daniels, William West, Heath Jordan, Scottie Brooks, Justin Taylor , Cal Parker and list goes on and on and Kudos Dominic to picking some hella HOT models! 

Drop by, check it out and get an eyefull of the industry's latest Porn Star Enterpeneur, who will most likely succeed in continuing to bringing us the hotness.

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