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I met these guys for the first time on the red carpet of the 2011 Grabby's and was instantly smitten.  They had recently launched and they were decked out in their own gear and ready to promote their new brand and it worked!  I checked them out as soon as I got home and now that I've watched them grow over the year I can say that they're not just another failed gay porn experiment gone wrong, but are in fact heavy contenders in the amateur web-based porn scene and their content is just fun!


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by TwinkyEater
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EU Twinks

It's no secret to anyone that I'm a twink efficianado.  I like them in all flavors american, latino, punk, pixy BUT there is something about those adorable european boys that just oozes sexy, they're naturally more free with themselves than us stoddgy Americans and with the slightest hint of desperation which I love since it translates to hungry for cock. 

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by TwinkyEater
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So I stumbled across Thugzilla while I was looking for some new Twink action to mix up my routine a bit, since I don't like to wear out any of my favorites, but instead look for delicious new obsessions, and I have found one!

Thugzilla's site is amature and a lil' messy BUT it does what I need it to do and of course there are the GUYS!  There's something about HOT ebony amatures exploring their cocks and holes in front of a camera that makes me so hard I have to jack FAST!  Some sites have lot's of content but sketch guys but there are a bunch of freaky hotties on Thugzilla.  Their dirty spearhead model, namesake Thugzilla has tatts and attitude and it's wicked sexy.  There are more traditional scenes with hot guys as well as some great fun-factor scenes, some of my favorite being the scene "Fuck Thanksgiving" and the model "Anonamous"I have pictured below holding a sign in an alley that says "Not Homeless, Just Naked"...I love it!! 

Something for everyone, twinks, muscle studs, just with log hair, short, shaved, unshaved and big black cocks everywhere!  Care to join me, cuz you should!  Membership is currently just $19.99 per month, recurring and you can pay with a Credit Card, Euro Direct Debit and CCBill billing.  You get videos, pics and the upcoming LIVE page!  Join up in time for all the holiday parody fun!  Happy Jackin' fellas!

CLICK HERE to visit

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by Hardcore Sucker
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A brand new bareback site for hairy man lovers has arrived!! A brand new location to enjoy burly guy on guy action with no barriers. HairyAndRaw features high quality video of raw hairy sex brought to you by a production team of hairy, horny guys that shoot what makes them hard and is delivering it to fans all over the world.
HairyAndRaw launches with a library of brand new never before seen hairy sex that will grow with three content updates each week, including photos and never before seen bareback scenes. HairyAndRaw offers a wide variety of payment options so that fans all over the world can log-on and get off.

Their current introductory join price of a low $14.95 for 30 days, locked in for the life of the membership makes it even easier for fans to enjoy.

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Gay Adult Film and Video Production Company BearFilms is proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned BearFilms website! The largest Bear site on the planet and multi award winning brand is pleased to offer its users the newer, faster site with an updated look that culminates a year of effort that BearFilms has invested in its future.

Hosting over 200 videos in their library which provides over fifty hours of Bear loving pleasure, BearFilms has one of the largest libraries of Bear sex content known to the genre which is big bang for Bear loving buck at $19.95 a month recurring and with over 450 models to choose from, over 11,000 action photos, 3 new updates each week and a wide variety of payment options, BearFilms is prepared to meet the demands of every bear lover with an internet connection. The sites improvements and features include:

  • iPhone and iPad compatibility
  • HD Streaming Video Content
  • Free XXX Previews
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities including direct Model searches and Bear Event Pictures
  • Personalization options! Users can save their favorite models and scenes.
  • A wide variety of Payment Options

President and Co-Founder of BearFilms Mike Mason is very excited about the new changes both for the company and for their fans. “Over a year in the making, the new has new, higher quality video encoding for our 50+ hours of scenes, including iPad/iPhone playback, easy mobile access, larger photos, downloadable sets, etc….and we continue to be the best, and the largest bear site in the world!”

An irreplacable resource of hot Bear sex is just a click away, Join today!

3 Day Trial: $7.95, with $19.95/month renewal
30 Days: $19.95, with renewal
30 Days: $29.95, one time charge
90 Day: $52.95, with renewal **Best Value!**
90 Day: $68.85, one time charge
180 Day $95.70, one time charge

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